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  1. Francois' blog


    I am Francois Lionet, from Clickteam, and I have decided to make a blog.

    A blog about what I program from day to day, what I have seen in the recent weeks or month, a blog about the moments I have spent in the past with STOS, AMOS, Klik'n Play and of course Clickteam. And maybe about what I enjoy in life.
    Please understand that everything I say in this blog is personal. It does NOT in any way engage Clickteam to anything. This is just a snapshot of what goes ...
  2. Talking About Fusion 3 (Online Games)

    Hi Clickers!!!
    Welcome again to this Blog

    This time we will talk and reflect on the simplest way to create Online Games

    For quite some time Fusion has had extensions that allow online gaming

    I remember Direct Play, MooClick, MooGame, Oinc

    In Fusion 2.5, right now we ...
    Tags: fusion 3
  3. Talking About Fusion 3 (Shaders)

    Hi Amigos Clickers
    Welcome another week to the Blog

    This week we will talk a little bit about Graphic Effects (Shaders)

    In Fusion for some time we have had some simple effects like Opacity, Semitransparency, Invert, Xor, And, Or
    Until HWA (Hardware Acceleration) arrived, And since then, we have ...
    Tags: fusion 3