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  1. Data/Runtime/c was not found!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Cawthon
    So I finished the title screen of my game and wanted to release it to the public but when i went to build my application i get a "Data/Runtime/c" Error and i dont know how to fix it.
    Is there prep i need to do before i build or do i need to remake my application (Hope Not ) ive already tried reinstalling and deleting local files but it still doesnt work can some one help me plz.
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  2. Evade It - Released for android (FREE)

    Quote Originally Posted by simonliu300 View Post
    Hello everyone !
    Evade It, is a simple, fun and addictive game that will test your speed, reflexes and focus. Avoid touching the spike wall and evade the saw blade that attack you. Collect the star to get more score and use power-ups to help you to survive for as long as possible to get more score. Keep your finger on the screen and use your dodging skills for as long as possible to win the high score ! Play this challenging and highly addictive game and share your score results to your friends
  3. LAST SPARCKMAN VIDEO - 2016 - the winners

    LAST SPARCKMAN VIDEO - 2016 - the winners

  4. Super Pong Breaker - Released for android (FREE)

    Quote Originally Posted by simonliu300 View Post

    Hello everyone!
    Super Pong Breaker has been released for android, a classic Pong game with a new twist ! To be a quick and challenging experience.

    Features :
    - Pass the time with a relaxing game vs the AI.
    - There are multiple power-ups available including shrink paddle, grow paddle, ball speed up, ball slow down, extra ball, and many more.
    - Wall Mode, challenge your friends see who can get the highest
  5. Weebish Mines, being updated for 2017


    This is a story of a very hard Metroidvania game I made back in 2013 that I was really proud of, however it had some failings to it (like being unable to save). It harkened back to the NES games of my youth where you had to try and win it all in one sitting (i.e. Blaster Master, Super Mario 3, numerous others).

    It is my spiritual successor to my #1 favorite NES game of all time Legacy of the Wizard.

    The story and goal for Weebish Mines is very ...
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