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My blog! By happygreenfrog

Sometimes, my blog is a little bit random, but sometimes, it's what I'm thinking about. Also, please click here. Easter egg!

  1. Glob Wars: Online (with source code) is released!

    Technically, it has been released for a while, but eh, whatever. Here is a link to the thread (it's a link to the latest version's post, as well):!?p=605913&viewfull=1#post605913

    It's open-source, so you can look at the source code all you want, and use it, too.

    Anyway, if somebody wants to play it, just host a game, and write a post in the thread with the game ID (you don't have to, ...
  2. The development of a 3D engine in MMF2: Part 2

    Hey guys! I've made the second version of my 3D engine in MMF2. It now supports colored cubes, multiple cubes, and it uses a qualifier for rendering instead of a single object type. So now, the main features it's missing are:

    1. Actual camera support.
    2. Lighting.
    3. Textures (possibly).
    4. More shapes (possibly).
    5. 3D models (possibly).

    So, as you can see, there isn't too much more to do, though I might be missing something.

    Anyway, the current version ...
  3. The development of a 3D engine in MMF2: Part 1

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a 3D engine in MMF2. I've already gotten quite the progress, with features including:

    • Render as many cubes as you want (as many as your computer can handle, that is).
    • 3D rotations.
    • 3D positioning.

    You can see an earlier version of the engine here, which supports rendering 1 cube and 3D positioning.

    Once the engine is done, I hope to have it support the following features that it doesn't already have:

  4. My website, and a new game.

    Hey there everyone! I've made a new game called Stickman Fighters. I've made a trailer for it, which should show you how it works pretty well:

    Anyway, I also have a website of my own. I've had it for a while, but I only first talked about it yesterday. Anyway, here is a link to it:

    Anyway, I think that's it for this blog post.
  5. LOSEDOWS: An Open-source parody of Windows

    Hi everyone! I just released a parody of Windows called LOSEDOWS.

    You can download it from here:

    Anyway, I know this is a short post, but I now say (in excessively large lettering):


    Updated 24th March 2013 at 04:40 PM by happygreenfrog

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