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  1. Catch Me If You Can v. 4.0.2 Changelog

    Catch Me If You Can v. 4.0.2 is releasing! UWP support is coming soon! Here is the changelog:

    v. 4.0.1 (Note: temporarily released today before replaced with 4.0.2) :
    -Fix bugs in Level 3
    -Update Info Page for UWP/HTML5
    -Update About menu for EXE
    -Removed Frame for Embedded HTML5
    -Fixed Freeze bug in Embedded HTML5

    v. 4.0.2:
    -Fix bug in Level 3 introduced in v. 4.0.1
  2. Cupcake Escape! Down

    We noticed that the Cupcake Escape website was down. We have fully restored access. If you have trouble accessing the HTML5 game, please let us know.
    Tags: error, game, html5, website
  3. Cupcake Escape! Updates

    We have moved the Cupcake Escape URLs from and to and, respectively. is the main page and is the html5 game.

    You may have noticed that now all your high scores are nowhere to be found. (Note: your High Scores will be intact if you use the download version, but not if you use the HTML5 version).

    Updated 24th November 2016 at 10:01 PM by advaith

  4. Thanksgiving Update: Everything's Online, Including PLANETS: Learn Mode

    BREAKING NEWS: Everything's Online at Advaith's Games Online. Play Every Game/App online powered by Fusion's HTML5 Exporter.

    In other news, PLANETS: Play Mode is available for the first time, online only.