• Amazing Freddie HD

    Amazing Freddie iPhone or Amazing Freddie iPad has just been released by a one Capt Harris!. Check out the super cool graphics in this latest MMF2 made platformer for iOS, Harris describes the game on iTunes as such....

    "! Danger ! This game is highly addictive and there is no rehab for Amazing Freddy fans! Freddie is a cute little alien with insane appetite! UFO means "Unidentified Feeding Orgy" here! Feed him with delicious cake while you make your way through over a dozen of super-tasty jumpīnīrun levels with tons of sweeties all around. Listen to funny noises while Freddie swallows his rewards and fall in love with him. Heīs such an adorable creature! This game is a feast for the whole family and everyone will enjoy it!"


    · 2 Colorful Wolds
    · 14 Amazing Levels
    · Retina Screen Support
    · Great Soundtrack
    · Funny Noises
    · Lots of Achievements
    · Game Center
    · Free Updates


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