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    Have you tried using the Window Control object? ...

    Have you tried using the Window Control object? I had issues with sub-app cropping and placement that were fixed using the Window Control object.

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    Hi; i finally made something usable; Here is...

    Hi; i finally made something usable;

    Here is the beta version of the glcanvas demo , this work is based from Lowww Ltd Mit licenced;
    This work is included on html5 extension it take mmf 2d canvas...

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    Yes, I have been waiting on this all year as...

    Yes, I have been waiting on this all year as well. It seems the problem was reported on these forums sometime in 2020.

    The school I work at exclusively uses ipads in the classrooms so I have been...

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    There is a trouble I haven't noticed! When I...

    There is a trouble I haven't noticed! When I remove the option POPUP WINDOW the subb app works well in windowed mode but in fullscreen mode there is a shift that displays the screen 15 pixels...

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    Thanks very much!

    Thanks very much!

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    Its been a while but might actually use this now if it will run on Android.
    Why is there no option to secure traffic with ssl cert and Key?

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    Its been a while but might actually use this now if it will run on Android.

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    Fire event zero times

    When I fire the event zero times (via Timer Object), the application freezes. Fusion 2.5 requires precautionary measures to prevent this from happening

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    GetObject with methods other than POST


    I use getObject to call webservices, and it works perfectly with the POST method.
    But i have Webservices that don't use the POST METHOD, but the DELETE or PUT methods.
    How can i change de...

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    it seems working fine on my computer

    it seems working fine on my computer

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    Help with Admob + Xcode

    I'm very new to XCode and keep running into the same problem. I've added the newest Admob SDK (8.5.0) into my project library and its throwing up some errors that I don't understand when I attempt to...

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    I've added this instead and i don't have this...

    I've added this instead and i don't have this issue anymore! Thank you for pointing out the list object :D

    * master list: Has Focus
    master list : Lose focus

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  • Fusion 2.5 Developer Build 281.4 (beta) sneak peak

    Lots of people have been asking about updates this week - here's a sneak peak at what's in the upcoming beta release (281.4) of Fusion 2.5 Developer

    We're doing some internal testing before this update is released, which we hope will be tomorrow if no big errors arise. Watch this space for an update.

    PS. don't forget to visit http://community.clickteam.com/passport.php and register your products, so that you can get access to the latest beta versions!

    Build 281.4 - Change log
    - General: new /L command line option to select the language of CF 2.5 (possible values are /L 1033 (English), /L 1036 (French), /L 1041 (Japanese))
    - General UI: the name of the previously loaded frame was shown in the Navigate toolbar when you restart CF 2.5
    - General UI: Dialog box position issues when the Windows task bar is docked on the left or top of the desktop
    - General / Android: Android 2.2 is no longer supported, the minimum version supported by the runtime is 2.3
    - General / Android: CF 2.5 now tries to automatically retrieve the Android SDK directory from the registry if the one stored in the preferences is invalid
    - Build: Crash or graphic corruption when you run an application that contains external sub-apps and CF automatically rebuilds the sub-apps
    - Frame editor: the display effect of the objects was taken into account in the creation of their icon.
    - Frame editor: cursor object not resized when you change the zoom coefficient via the toolbar
    - Frame editor: the layer toolbar is now automatically shown if you drag an object near it.
    - Frame editor: the layer name is now displayed on the right of the thumbnail, like MMF2 (and it's still displayed as tooltip).
    - Insert New Object dialog box / Extension Manager: new erase button in Find edit box
    - Picture editor: the "Import As Animation" option could be incorrectly checked when importing an image into an object that doesn't support animations
    - Event editor: If you activate or inactivate a line or lines of events in the event editor, the program does not recognise that there are unsaved changes, so does not prompt you to save if you quit.
    - Event editor: folder names not displayed in object lists
    - Event editor: incorrect parent folder name in object lists
    - Event editor: movement expressions couldn't be retieved for non-physical movement extensions
    - Event editor: crash with long action texts in extensions (e.g. actions of the Powerful Dialogs object)
    - Event editor: the warning message when shortcuts were created was displayed when the preference was unchecked
    - Event editor: crashs when you paste events that contain references to extension objects that weren't in the application
    - Event editor: app corrupted when you copy a frame to another application and this frame contains shortcuts
    - Event editor: Create / Set Position action, the position was not updated when the origin point was switched from/to action point or hotspot.
    - Runtime: Crash in debugger if objects have long alterable strings.
    - Windows runtime: Fast loops were working twice as many times as they should if the frame had a fade-in transition
    - Windows runtime: crash when you destroy an object with an extension movement and create another one relatively to this object later in the same event loop
    - Windows List Box and Combo Box objects: Blank lines were ignored when you load a list
    - Windows Active System Box: the hidden objects are now ignored by the Mouse Over / Mouse Click / Button clicked conditions.
    - Windows Active Backdrop object's image wasn't erased when the object was destroyed
    - Slider dialog now has a value representation in it.
    - Animation speed now reacts correctly to speed and sequence changes.
    - Animations now start when everything is set in the frame.
    - Active object: angle not taken into account for the animation direction when the object was created/launched.
    - Runtime now uses Support-Android lib for better performance in old apis.
    - AdMob Object, Interstitials now work without crashing. In some devices interstitials destroy the surface, use restart frame action to avoid this. In next versions the Admob code will be modified to meet August 2014 Google requirements, using Google Play services instead of sdk 6.4.1.
    - AdMob Object now uses Google Play Services as intended by Google, the minimum version of Android is now 2.3
    - Android Object: Images obtained from screenshots now force a gallery refresh.
    - Android Object: added action to set the character set (ANSI or UNICODE) when reading/saving text.
    - Android Object: added expression to read the device Serial Number. Doesn't work on all devices, depends on manufacturers.
    - Android Object: added expression to read the first google email account (normally used for buying goods). NOTE: Requires "android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS"
    - Android Camera object, new objects for all versions, allows user to take pics and videos. NOTES: some devices don't allow to select the camera before operating. Requires "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"   
    - AndroidDialogs, added Disable font control, allowing to use the system default font size
    - Infinite scroll now works from 0 to 32767.
    - FontPacker Object, now available in the Developer version (allows you to pack Windows fonts in your application)
    - Bitmap Buttons: now can be disabled and enabled.
    - Text Buttons: the size defined in the properties is taken into account for the text.
    - Back Button, remade to avoid possible bouncing during jumping frame.
    - Hi-Score Object, if no filename is given it will use one internally.
    - Hi-Score Object, was not updated after a reset, insert, name or score change.
    - Set FrameRate now works as intended, please notice that physics will require the full speed possible.
    - Date & Time Object, corrected initial value for clocks when using in chrono or stopwatch modes and in compare conditions.
    - Layer Object, some objects not ready at start made the object crash.
    - Path Movement, some nodes were not displayed when speed was above 129.
    - Launched physical objects hadn't the correct movement.
    - Sounds, Get Position returns -1 if the ound is not reachable, and 0 if it's not playing nor available.
    - Underline now works in String, ASB, BSB, Button objects.
    - CalcRect Text now takes the font into account to calculate the Height/Width.
    - OUYA object: fix in "Purchase current product" action.
    - SubApps sometimes failed to hide/show.
    - Force Animation sometimes failed if physics was used in frame.
    - Color Dialog was returning inverted color values.
    - Paused application still paused even after return from background until a tap on screen.
    - LeadBolt: updated with new libs.
    - CreateByName: fixed a crash if the object doesn't exist.
    - SpaceShip actions from Movement controller object now work as intended.
    - EditBox, cut and paste now work in multi and single line modes.
    - Added Old INI extension for old application that need the old behavior.
    - GET: added "Android" user agent for some web servers that require it.
    - Keyboard detection: was fully reimplemented and now works correctly with EditBox objects or actions in the Android object.
    - List Object: the font size is now taken into account if "use of system default font" is not set.
    - OUYA Touchpad: you can now define which controller's touchpad will act as principal.
    - Pause any Key: now works correctly and exits after a tap on screen.
    - IN-APP: fixed a bug in the manifest that prevented the object from receiving conditions for purchased items.
    - Intents: added setType feature, so now intents which require a type can be executed.
    - Multitouch: relative taps are now correctly located when scrolling.
    - Hide Navigation Bar: if a hide command is requested and the application runs in Android Kitkat (4.4) it will go full screen as specified in the api.
    - Active Object: get angle now works when the object is rotating.
    - Restart Current Frame and Jump Frame: now correctly resets fastloops.
    - Text: Resize now works like the windows runtime, please provide enough space for the text object.
    - Screen capture: now works correctly, please notice that some devices for security reasons don't allow to capture the screen.
    - Accelerometer: should be working in all devices.
    - INI: a new lib was implemented to write and read INI files as they are in Windows, Linux, etc.. so from now on, the INI file is a file which can be copied, moved and deleted, the information is not stored in the preferences anymore, the speed was increased dramatically, now 1300 items are read in less than half of second. New rules: if the ini does not exist on the device but is embedded in the application, it will be read from the application. If it exists in the device, this one will be read. Users can delete it to reset it for example if necessary when they update the application. Also you can save it in the data folder or any folder (to do so, pass the full pathname to Set current file).
    - Chartboost: the old Chartboost library had issues (unrecognized location) that have been fixed by Chartboost´s Team. We recommend you not to use the track data and purchase as they haven't implemented it in their server (actions from the "Track Events" and "Record Purchase" sub-menus).
    - Multitouch: the “GetAngle” expression now works.
    - OUYA: fixed the crash during jumping frames and pressing buttons (for good).
    - Foreach: was not retrieving correctly the index when using qualifiers.
    - Array: Fixed a crash when saving the array and the values are not fully used from start.
    - Fastloop: were not correctly reset after frame jump or restart application.
    - AddBackdrop: now works from objects outside the screen window.
    - Get Pixel Color: works for images that have transparency or alpha channels. Note: make it work with other JPG or other format crash the application. 
    - PHYSICS: Better perfomance when creating non physics objects.
    - PHYSICS: Platform Movement: added acceleration and decceleration.
    - PHYSICS: Bouncing Movement: added decceleration.
    - PHYSICS: Impulse now reacts to several impulses in the same loop.
    - PHYSICS: Joint Object: Corrected the way it detects joints and creates them.
    - PHYSICS: Bouncing Ball: initial direction is now the direction of the relative object or the initial direction set in the object properties.
    - PHYSICS: Physics object have now an adaptative factor to make it work similar to Windows.
    - PHYSICS: General Performance: some work was done to increase speed and have a smoother behavior in the android runtime.
    - Experimental: GamePad support! (Uses the basic Gamepad profile)
    - Experimental: iOS object listens to 'fusion://' URL (read more below)
    - Properly resetting frame layer scrolling on frame restart
    - Fixed several issues regarding layers with scrolling coefficients different than 1:
    ..--> Fixed mouse click and mouse-over events on objects
    ..--> Correcting many expressions (like coordinates of action points)
    - Fixed drawing semitransparent quick backdrops
    - Fixed memory corruption with unicode and String Parser extension
    - Fixed memory corruption when loading the renderer (rare crash)
    - Fixed XCode project file referencing an absolute path
    - Fixed crash when reading outside bounds in a 1-based string array object
    - Fixed MOD operater on floating point values
    - Fixed Active Picture rendering and scaling problems
    - Made several linked frameworks optional so they only load on demand - possibly speeding up the loading of your games/apps
    Until we are sure the features work as expected experimental iOS features will be added through the iOS Object's "Open URL" action where it will listen to 'fusion://' prefixed URLs. Two features are currently implemented:
    - 'fusion://dismissKeyboard' - Dismisses the keyboard globally from any control currently having the keyboard open.
    - 'fusion://startWirelessControllerDiscovery' - Instructs iOS to manually start looking for nearby wirelss Game Controllers.
    Note: While your game is connected to a GamePad the screen's idle timer is disabled. This means that the screen will not dim and turn off after a given timeout since the player usually rarely touches the screen during gameplay when a gamepad is used. When the GamePad is disconnected from the device the idle-timer is reverted back to the default value you set in the properties.
    - Various physics and movement crashes fixed
    - Fixed some compile-errors after updating XCode: ScreenZoom and ArrayList compile errors.
    - Several layer scroll fix when using scroll coefficients
    - 'Follow frame' property didn't work on layers with 0 as scroll coefficient
    - Edit box + iOS Single line edit box: Went out of the screen when tapping them if the screen was scrolled
    - iAD: Fixed iAD placement on the screen
    - Effects: Fixed setting monochrome effect at runtime using the non-compatibility effect selector
    - Transitions: Some objects would render incorrectly during another object's fade-in/out transition.
    - Button object: Fixed button images getting a blue overlay
    - Button object: Setting font color didn't work correctly
    - Button object: Bug that caused the button not to respond
    - Button object: Enable/disable didn't work properly and didn't respec the initial enabled state
    - Sub-Applications didn't scroll properly in the host frame
    - Quick Backdrop: tiled backdrops sometimes didn't work when using certain image sizes
    - Array Object: Didn't load unicode files properly
    - Added backdrops didn't always have the correct position and/or disappeared at the wrong time when scrolling
    - Timer: Interlaced timer events did not work
    - After a frame with a mouse-movement, the cursor was hidden on the next frame
    - When the application was not in full window mode, resizing the browser did not reposition the DOM control elements (like edit boxes)
    - Easing object : the Is Object Moving condition made the application crash
    - Edit box object now supports Horizontally and right aligned text
    - Edit box object now supports Underlined and Strikedout text
    - On iOS or Android, a single touch on the screen reported two "Click" conditions
    - Counters with animations always displayed the previous image of the list of images
    - Binary files after the first one of the list were ignored
    - Loading .arr files into an Array object ALWAYS erased values like the default X, Y and Z indexes, whereas in the C++ version, they are only erased if the various dimensions of the arrays are different
    - Counters displayed as numbers were always displayed with an angle of 1 degree, making them look distorted
    - Counters, Lives, Score objects Effect / Compatibility / Set semi transparency action had no effect
    - Counters, Lives, Score objects Effect / Compatibility / Get semi transparency expression reported what it had in mind, but not  really the good value
    - HTML5 object. New "Get URL", "Get Host", "Get Hostname", "Get hash", "Get Search" functions.
    - Implementation of the basic functions of the Cursor object : change shape of cursor to pre-defined shapes, matching the HTML cursors at best with the Windows cursor shapes. No implementation so far of cursor shapes based on images.
    - Implementation of the FLG object, enabling you to insert adverts and leaderboards in your games
    - You can now produce Final Builds
    - Corrected an error in the InAndout movement that was preventing Final HTML5  projects to be compiled
    - Applications that contained a Physics Background movement and no Physics Static movement could not be built in Final Project mode
    - If running on iOS, and if sounds are present in the application, a screen inviting the user to touch the screen appears at the end of the load. The text can be modified via an application property. This default text is displayed if you do not use a preloader (simple growing bar), or use an image preloader. A frame preloader does not include this automatic feature: you must detect the touch manually in the preloader, and perform an "End application" from within the preloader frame to start the game.
    - Condition Is VSync and Set VSync actions are now implemented in HTML5
    - Warning : the possibility to pass VSync to the game by setting a negative framerate has been removed, as the Set VSync actions have been implemented.
    - Applications using vertical synchronisation (the VSynch property in the application properties), crashed on IE 9 and 10. If you set VSynch on a browser that does not support it, it will simply stay at the current frame rate
    - Preloader (image and frame) now work.
    - New app property to load all the data of the application at start (like a Flash app) : no waiting time between frames. 
    - A small non-intrusive preloader is displayed when you haven't selected any preloader, so that one knows that something is happening (as for Flash)
    - Rope and Chain object : a call to Climb Up or Climb Down less than two seconds after Detaching the object could crash or induce later crashes
    - Physics Movements : objects with a physic movement could crash when they were destroyed
    - Firefox : Set sample volume and Set channel volume had little or no effect
    - Image preloader : R and G values of the colors were inverted
    - Virtual joystick not displayed anymore under Windows or Mac
    - on iOS : sounds now work fine
    - on iOS : new property "Enable sounds after load", forcing the game to wait for a user touch on the screen to play a silent sound that will enable the sounds on iOS.
    - Games included in an iframe now automatically have keyboard focus (you had to click on the frame for the keys to work in the game)
    - Active Picture object : loading a picture from a server crashed
    - Active Picture object : the resize property was not taken into account when loading a picture from an action 
    - Active Picture object : image was never smoothed, whatever the settings of the "Resize" property
    - Set Frame Rate storyboard object action had no effect, and crashed in Final HTML5 project mode
    - Combo Box object, List object, getting the current line after a Reset crashed
    - Full Screen action now works fine (had weird effect before)
    - Layer object : all the conditions involving an object (like is Object in front) crashed the application
    - Active Picture object : none of the actions contained in the "Effect" menu changed anything to the object
    - Angle, Angle(Object), Distance, Distance(Object) now approximates the values correctly and not to value -1
    - For Each object : Max iteration expression returned the value + 1
    - Virtual Joystick : general improvement of the use of the virtual joystick, makes easier to move an object
    - At any time you can type the string "***version***" on your keyboard and it will display information about the version of the HTML5 exporter used to create the application.
    - Flash Runtime with full Physics 
    - Corrected some errors from version 2.0
    - New Runtime, includes all Physics object and movements.
    - Built-in foreach.
    - Timer Events ported and fully operational.
    - Parser Object, fix in tokenizing of source strings.
    - Active System Box now scrolls at the same speed as other objects.
    - SpaceShip actions from Movement controller object now work as intended.
    - Infinite Scrolling now works as intended.
    - Force Frame Animation works correctly.
    - Added HotSpotChanger Object.
    - Added MultipleTouch Object. Warning: works only on touch screens and mobile devices.
    - Added FGL flash Object.
    You can also view this here: http://www.clickteam.com/webftp/files/mmf2/ChangeLogs/281.4.txt