• [NEW] Clickteam Video Starter Pack

    New to Fusion?
    Looking for a head start?
    Look no further...

    So, as you will be aware we already have the official PDF tutorials written for users of all types; beginners, intermediate users and advanced users. However, not everyone is comfortable with just plain old reading when it comes to tutorials.

    Welcome the all new Clickteam Video Tutorial series. This series will concentrate on achieving tasks, routines and developing apps/games with Fusion 2.5. It will initially cover the beginner series with a nice and steady introduction to Fusion 2.5. I will build on this over time and keep adding to it as with the PDF tutorials. The PDF tutorials will soon be accompanied with HTML tutorials so all users will have the option of accessing a tutorial via HTML, PDF or Video format.

    Here is the index for the Video Tutorial Series and I will keep an up-to-date index here for newly added videos too. Eventually, this thread will migrate with the PDF/HTML thread index, eventually all three will be contained to one place (our new documentation facility). Until then, enjoy!

    An Introduction to Fusion 2.5 [Playlist Link]
    - The Main Interface, Editors and getting familiar [link]
    - The Event Editor [link]
    - The Action List Editor (Event Ordering) [link]
    - Application Properties [link]
    - The Workspace / Layout, Menus and Dialogs [link]

    The Most Common Fusion 2.5 Objects [Playlist Link]
    - The Score Object [link]
    - The Button Object [link]
    - The Q&A Object (Question and Answer) [link]
    - The String Object [link]
    - The Counter Object [link]
    - The Lives Object [link]
    - The Active Object [link]
    - The Backdrop Object [link]
    - Common Objects Overview [link]

    Importing Assets into Fusion 2.5 [Playlist Link]
    - Images, Animations and Importing [link]
    - Sounds, Samples and Music [link]
    - External Files [link]

    Basic Movements in Fusion 2.5 [Playlist Link]
    - Bouncing Ball Movement [link]
    - Spaceship Movement [link]
    - Pinball Movement [link]
    - Platform Movement [link]
    - Racecar Movement [link]
    - Eight Directional Movement [link]
    - Mouse Control Movement [link]
    - Path Movement [link]

    Common Routines in Fusion 2.5 [Playlist Link]
    - Alterable Values and Alterable Strings [link]
    - Global Values and Global Strings [link]
    - The Random () Function [link]
    - The Debugger [link]

    Game Concepts in Fusion 2.5 [Playlist Link]
    - Collisions and Collision Detection [link]
    - Introducing Players, Enemies and Obstacles [link]
    - The Playarea and Scrolling [link]

    Fusion 2.5 - Android Extensions / Tutorials [Playlist Link]
    - Facebook Extension - Integration into your app [link]