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    Thank you, but...

    Thank you, but I seem to be getting a graphical glitch upon overlapping magnets where the text will merge into the other. It's possible to make an event that always restores the text from the...

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    Hi, the Static Text box is resizable also, I...

    the Static Text box is resizable also, I made a quick example, I used a fixed width font (Lucida Console) there a a few you could use to make life easier,
    Set alterable strings with the words...

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    I need help with textbox collision


    So I've got this game I'm working on with text you can drag and drop
    Many of the ~50 words have multiple strings that get randomly picked at the start of the game
    The only problem is that...

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    omg, there is actually a setting for this. For...

    omg, there is actually a setting for this. For anyone having the same problem. Just select the frame and in touch mode select Multi Touch

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    Multitouch not working IOS

    Okay, I've been trying for a few hours to make this work, but for some reason, multitouch doesn't work in IOS, it works fine in android, but whenever I test in my iPhone it only registers 1 touch at...

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  • Simple Tactics and Isometric Engine - Now available on The Reactor

    Free as part of the Reactor: https://www.patreon.com/posts/simple-tactics-34370317

    Today brings us a new example, one that I am personally excited about. I love tactics style games and have probably put in over 500 hours over the last decade in FFT and Disgaea alone. Hopefully some one will pick this up and run with it.

    Learn the secrets of Isometrics with this awesome open source project that gives you everything from simple 2D to Isometric position conversion to a full on basic tactics engine. available to Clicker Tier or higher Patreons!

    Also On Clickstore: https://clickstore.clickteam.com/simple_tactics

    Features include

    • 2D to Isometric conversion example
    • Simple pathfinding routines
    • Multi Unit tactical movement code
    • Shooting and collision
    • Enemy AI routines