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Cupcake Escape! v. 2.1.0 Changelog

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Cupcake Escape! v. 2.1.0 is now out! The changelog is below:

- Info page! Awesome, right? The new info page also features a Check For Updates system on Windows.
- The cupcake movement zone has been made smaller. This is to prevent cheating. (You know who you are.)
- Fonts! Font issues should be gone now. If they're not, download the font here. Fixing the font issues took a lot of work.
- Loading bugs and freezing. Gone are the days of purple screens and frozen games.
- No more gray borders when the game is embedded. Hooray!
- The online version is actually embedded in Game Jolt and You don't need a link anymore.

Note: Highscores will not be modified, but to clear them you can delete game.ini.

The Windows and HTML5 versions are up, a Mac version will come soon, and a UWP version will also come if I figure out what is wrong with my VS setup.

Official Site
On Game Jolt

Any questions? Chat on Discord.