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Talking About Fusion 3

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Hello Clickers

Welcome to the First Entry to the Blog of ....

Where every Monday we will talk and discuss everything about Fusion 3
To do this it is essential to know where we come from, where we are and where we want to go

As everyone already know Fusion 3 will be the new tool from Clickteam, is being developed from scratch with technology 64 bits

One of the most important things in a fast and visual coding tool, is its Editor Code/Editor events

Clickteam has been a pioneer in this, from Klik and Play provided us a Visual events Editor based on a grid, The Event Editor
which facilitated greatly the task of creating a game, users without knowledge of programming could already create their first games and apps!!!

It's a good time to say again ...

Thank you Clickteam !!!

Clickteam was evolving its Events editor based on a grid, years passed, new versions, different names, new improvements

Klik & Play
Click and Create
The Games Factory
The Games Factory 2
Multimedia Fusion

Came the day that a new editor was added, the Event List Editor, in which appeared the lines of the events with their actions in vertical

Clickteam seems to think this would be more than enough, that the Event Editor was the main editor and the Event List Editor a secondary...
and did not evolve much more the Event List Editor, Clickteam leave the Event List Editor in a corner without giving him the affection that deserved it

And then appeared a competitor who clearly copied the philosophy of Clickteam
The competitor created an Event List Editor to edit visually, But in a much more elegant and better, in Horizontal !!!

Oh! Clickteam you slept a little here, things as they are, well done things I say to them, the bad also

Not evolving the Event List Editor in Horizontal was clearly an ERROR, with capital letters
I've heard countless users say one and a thousand times they do not like the grid editor

Why Clickteam not evolved the Event List editor to put it at the height of its direct competitor?
(The one that copied the philosophy Clickteam)

Pride? Sloth?
We will never know

But I'm sure if they had, they would have convinced all those users that they do not like, nor will you ever like a Grid-based Event Editor
There are people like that, and you can not do anything to change them, They just do not feel comfortable with that kind of editor

It seems that all this will finally be solved with Fusion 3

Fusion 3 will merge The Event Editor with the Event List Editor
And all those people who prefer to edit code without grid can do it in a more comfortable way in HORIZONTAL

Bravo Clickteam!!! So yes!!!

I personally love both editors, I do not have crazies

I think it is a great success to merge them, because that implies that the Event List Editor will be Horizontal !!!

This will undoubtedly be one of Fusion 3's strengths against competitors
the system of events by Nodes I do not speak because it is disgusting

In Fusion 3 you can take advantage of the grid editor with the advantages of the list editor, a very powerful 2 in 1

I wish they would have given more affection to the Event List Editor before !!!

They are still on time...

How about an update for Fusion 2.5 with an option to view the Event List editor in Horizontal?

Well this is all for the moment, which is not little
Feel free to comment on anything you want
Until next entry

Best regards Clickers
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  1. Aloan's Avatar
    I thought there would be a lot of comments - well i can say I am very excited for Fusion 3 I hope poor me can get a discount as I am still with my beloved MMF2 and will try to find and prob. will a proof of purchase that I bought The Games Factory long long ago hehehehehh (loyal customer)
    anyways here is my contribution:
  2. Zonacas's Avatar
    Hi Aloan, You are the first

    No worry, people not typically comment much , check the Facebook of Clickteam , i think they are all chatting in Discord , but people read , and perhaps this blog serves to reflect on Fusion 3...
    Anyway helps me to learn a little more about English

    By the way, Tomorrow new entry, it's in the oven...
    Updated 4th June 2017 at 11:09 AM by Zonacas
  3. Spryz's Avatar
    Great story I sure hope the price tag isnt too costy, i have been using MMF2Dev for a long time now but never released anything... yet. Still saving up for MMF2.5dev ^_^
  4. Zonacas's Avatar
    My antennas of Fortune teller said that Fusion 3 will not be cheap

    I think it will be more than Fusion 2.5, fortunately the users who already have Fusion 2.5 probably have some discount