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Talking About Fusion 3 (Image Editor)

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Hello Clickers!!!
Welcome to the second entry of the Blog

In the previous entry, we briefly commented that one of the most important aspects in a rapid development tool is the event editor
In future entries we will comment more in detail the event editor

But now we are going to comment another important aspect in the creation of a videogame

The graphics and therefore, The Image Editor

There are tools that do not have an image editor to deal with graphics, or they have a very simple one that works for very little and you always have to depend on a third party

I think that a tool to create fast video games should also offer an image editor that is good enough not to have to rely on third parties
At least for pixel art, it is obvious that if you want to create vector graphics or 3D renderings, you will have to use third party programs

But for pixel art graphics should be enough with an editor like the one that has Fusion 2.5.

Fusion 2.5 can boast of having a great built-in graphic editor, it serves perfectly both for editing graphics and for creating them, you can do great things with it.

The image editor of Fusion 3 should have at least everything that has Fusion 2.5
and so it seems that it will be according to the information that has been given on the image editor

in which it seems that the guys from Clickteam are still working

But it would be nice to add some more improvements.
Ability to manage layers and some more tools for selection and retouching.

Being able to edit while showing the animation would be simply Great!!!

There are users who prefer to work with an external editor, They will always be able to use an external program

But I think it is better to add than subtract, and a tool that has a good graphic editor is a more complete and comfortable environment in the creation of video games

Especially for all those children who start to develop it is much easier and pleasant to have a built-in editor.

There's also a comfort factor, and that's exactly what made me stay in Fusion 2.5, because the image editor of the competitor is a real disaster
You know ... The one that copied the philosophy Clickteam, but it seems did not copy well the Image editor

In that case you have to use an external editor always, you have an option to open an external program,

But for me it is much better to use the Fusion 2.5 Image Editor,
I find it extremely uncomfortable to have to open an external program, to change 4 pixels

I think it's a Good idea that Clickteam is on the right track with an Image Editor like Fusion 2.5 adding the possibility of using other editors, that's adding, Bravo !!!

And if they include the improvements I said earlier would be more than perfect

Well, dreaming is free, who knows ... sometimes dreams come true
(I attest to it, I made a game with Fusion 2.5 and managed to put it on Steam

Since we are dreamers
And a small sound editor?
To change the volume and make other small changes in the sounds, pitch, mono, stereo, bitrate, etc. etc.

That would already be awesomeness

This is everything for now, I leave you thinking about the matter...
See you at the Next entry Clickers

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