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Talking About Fusion 3 (Behaviors)

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Hi Clickers!!
Here we are again, with a new blog entry

In previous posts to the blog we talked about the Event Editor / Event List Editor and the Image Editor

And we express our desire for a Small Sound Editor, Is it possible? I do not know, but ... that would be great, right?

Well, in this post we will talk about another very important aspect to create a Video Game Quickly

Behaviors and Predefined Movements

If you have a good predefined Movements or Behaviors save us a lot of work, otherwise would have to set many events.
You do not need to create a Movement 8 Directions from scratch every time you need it, if you have one already predefined and well done with several properties to customize it

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel at all times, if the wheel works well.

Fusion 2.5 has an ability to create Behaviors, a list of specific events for an object, you can create your own movement and save it in a Behavior
And has a list of Predefined Movements that we can consider as Predefined Behaviors, this list of movements has become somewhat obsolete with respect to its competitor

It would be nice if in Fusion 3 the list of Predefined Basic Movements is a fairly complete and updated list
To which it can be added the Behaviors that the users are creating, of an easy form from the Fusion 3

It is intuited that will be the way that will follow Fusion 3, Users will be able to create, share, download and incorporate into their Fusion 3 easily behaviors and movements
Even so, Fusion 3 should already come with many of these predefined movements made

At least the basics that has Fusion 2.5 but updated

Bouncing Ball
Race Car
Drag and Drop

And some that Fusion 2.5 does not have

Line Of Sight

Some will say that they prefer to create their own movements and behaviors
But do not forget the children, and the comfort and speed you get from not having to be continually reinventing the wheel

Fusion 3 should aspire to be an Easy-to-Use and Fast Development Tool
The most advanced users will always have the possibility to create their own Behaviors and Movements

Sometimes the advanced users are a bit selfish, do not think about others

The comfort of clicking and getting the desired movement without having to write any event, makes the workflow increase considerably
In this aspect the direct competitor has done a good job, Fusion 2.5 in my opinion has become obsolete in this aspect

We hope that in Fusion 3 The Behaviors and Predefined Movements have a great evolution and make our lives easier

And that's all for today, enough to reflect on the behaviors and their future, next Monday more and better

Greetings Clickers

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