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Can You Change the Physical Size of Text Blitter?

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Hello everyone,

I would prefer a direct answer if you know how to do this, but a link in the right direction is also appreciated.

I have a quick question about Text Blitter:
Can you change its size?

An example is attached:

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  1. advaith's Avatar
    This should be in the Forum.
  2. tomcompanion's Avatar
    Yes. Actions (Object, Image, Character) height and width and others
  3. tomcompanion's Avatar
    double reply, sorry.
  4. TheSordaKnown's Avatar
    Tomcompanion: I have tried those, but every time I try to mess with those commands dealing with height and width, the text "glitches out." In other words, it gets really messed up (it does not look the way I want it to look at all). I'm not very familiar with the Text Blitter extension. Thanks for your reply.