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Talking About Fusion 3 (Frames and Storyboard Editor)

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Hello Clickers !!

Fifth entry to the blog (five already, How quickly time passes)

Ready to read this blog one more week?

Ok let's go there

We will talk about the Frames and how they are organized in the new Storyboard Editor of Fusion 3

In Fusion 2.5 we can create Frames, each Frame has its Code accessible from the Event Editor,
you can also use the Code of Behaviors and the Global Events

But this is not always sufficient in terms of code reuse

In Fusion 2.5 we have problems to reuse global events with Qualifiers, they do not work, there is a trick to use them ...
Create an active with the name of the Qualifier(Group), Example Qualifier Bad -> Active Name = Group.Bad

but ... it seems that it can be unstable

Fusion 3 will allow us to create Frames and Subframes or Child Frames, again Fathers and Sons,
it seems that is the Nature of Fusion 3

In Fusion 3 you can have the code on a Frame and have SubFrames for different levels who share that code father and at the same time can create more Subframes
that will inherit the code from their parents

Simply Marvelous

This skill will allow us to reuse the code in a better way, and we hope that the Qualifiers (Groups) will work this time, everywhere

If it is so named in Fusion 3, I would call them Groups rather than qualifiers

In the StoryBoard of Fusion 2.5 the different Frames are organized in a list, but you can not see to where each frame goes

In Fusion 3 there will be a new and renewed Storyboard Editor where the Frames will be presented in a different way
You will be able to see the different frames and the flow of jumps between the frames

This feature is very very interesting, with a simple look we can see the logic of the jumps between frames, another success,

Bravo Clickteam!!!

The StoryBoard Editor in this way will work for something, In Fusion 2.5 really is not used much

We must be coherent and sincere, when something is right, I also say, can you see?
Take note, you also be a consistent person, have personality and criteria, do not flatter gratuitously for no reason, or justify the unjustifiable only to be "good"

It's not okay to have a brown nose !!! (In Spanish we have the expression, make the ball, boing!!! boing!!! , It's like patting your back.)

And this is all for this entry, to think !!!
In the next week more and better !!!

Best regards

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