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Talking About Fusion 3 (Variables)

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Hi Clickers!!!
Welcome to the entry number 7 of blog

This time we will talk about Variables
Basically a Variable It is a certain amount of space in memory that we identify with a name.
So when we work with Variables we are really working with Computer Memory
Depending on what type of variable we are defining, more space will be reserved or less in memory

"Variables are your Friends"

This is my motto, is what I always say to all those who ask me questions about programming, On how to do this or that thing
The variables are the answers to almost any problem

To solve any problem we have to use them, That's why they are our friends, Because they help us

As is the way we have to work with Memory, it is absolutely essential in programming

In KNP, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion, etc. We have been working with a system of Variables that have been functional but have always been somewhat limited

The good news is that in Fusion 3 these limitations will disappear completely, We will enjoy much more freedom when creating a variable

We will be able to create all kinds of variables for our actives,
These are the ones we can see the gif

Color (RGBA)
Image Frame

I also suppose there will be global variables
Really having these new types of data will help us and make the task of creating Videogames and Applications much easier.
I have no doubt that Fusion 3 with these changes will become a great tool

Every week that passes Fusion 3 is getting closer and closer

It has been announced that a Beta of Fusion 3 is not expected until the last quarter of the year
Last Quarter = Fourth Quarter = 1 October - 31 December (2017)

I think Fusion 3 could be a nice Christmas present

Greetings Clickers and until next week
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