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Talking About Fusion 3 (Online Games)

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Hi Clickers!!!
Welcome again to this Blog

This time we will talk and reflect on the simplest way to create Online Games

For quite some time Fusion has had extensions that allow online gaming

I remember Direct Play, MooClick, MooGame, Oinc

In Fusion 2.5, right now we have Lacewing and BlueWing
They are very good extensions, have very useful options for advanced users, but not for a beginner users
That is a problem for a tool that aspires to be the tool for all

If you look at other tools, you find that there are much easier ways to create online games

It is usual to find, more and more, Graphic Artists and Musicians without programming knowledge, who decide to venture to create their own games

You no longer need to be an experienced programmer to create a good video game

It is for this reason that some users do not need to know if the data is sent in binary format, as text or as a number, When they make an online game

There are more intelligent solutions in which you choose the data to be sent, such as: Position x, Position Y, Speed, Etc

And you should not worry about anything else

The extension already knows that it must send and receive in the most correct, fast and secure way in a comfortable and totally transparent way to the user

The user does not need to take that control, does not need advanced functions, does not need to choose how it is sent,
It only has to indicate the data that will be sent and therefore the data that will also be received

This simpler way can help many users create their first online game

For Fusion 3 it has been said that there will be online functions, but that will not be Lacewing ...

What will it be? I imagine something better but we will have to wait a few months to find out

I think the best thing for a rapid development tool is to have a way of accessing online functions in a much simpler way, like the one described above

And then a series of options to gain more control over online functions for advanced users, I think you can combine the two things

I am convinced that for most games you do not need to have as much control or advanced functions, just send and receive in the fastest and safest way

And this is everything for now, we have many more entries to the blog until December, see you here every Monday

In the meantime enjoy the Summer and those who are in Winter enjoy the Winter

Greetings Clickers
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  1. TheDigitalAlchemist's Avatar
    I hope Fusion 3 will have support for MooClick, I use that for my online stuff, and would hate to not be able to use that anymore...(Yea, I KNOW it's "old", but it DOES work... )