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Talking About Fusion 3 (Shaders)

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Hi Amigos Clickers
Welcome another week to the Blog

This week we will talk a little bit about Graphic Effects (Shaders)

In Fusion for some time we have had some simple effects like Opacity, Semitransparency, Invert, Xor, And, Or
Until HWA (Hardware Acceleration) arrived, And since then, we have been able to enjoy by applying better effects with Direct 3D

But we can not do effects with OpenGL, which means that in the exporters iOS , Android etc we do not have advanced effects

OpenGl (Open Graphics Library) For those who do not know it, opengl is a multilanguage and multiplatform api
To write applications that produce 2D and 3D graphics

OpenGL is much more compatible than Direct 3D, Should have added support for OpenGL effects in Fusion a long time ago ...

Why has not it been included in Fusion 2.5? Another mistake in my opinion, lack of vision of the future maybe

Well... It seems that finally OpenGL will reach Fusion 3 and with it and thanks to its compatibility, very good effects for all platforms


The feeling that remains or that we have some users, Those who do not have brown nose of course,
Is that some things should have been addressed much earlier, And it seems that when they arrive, they arrive a little late or too late

I think we should make a good reflection on this aspect, so that the same thing does not happen in Fusion 3,
So that Fusion 3 is constantly updated with the new technologies
And do not wait for Fusion 4 to enjoy new things that could be implemented in Fusion 3

I know that Clickteam always does a very good job, I know , they are very good, but they take a lot of time to do it

It seems that things at Clickteam go like the summer song... Despacito Despacito (slowly slowly)

A Spanish proverb says ... "Las cosas de Palacio van Despacio" (Palace things go slowly) (Things grind slowly)

But there are things I do not understand

Writing a blog (a few lines) does not cost a day of work as it is said there, Let's be HONEST
If someone it costs one day to write a blog should join a typing academy

To me, it costs me less than 30 minutes, 24 minutes to be exact (translate it into English)
Writing it in my language costs me much less, 15 minutes

I know there is a lot of work to do and maybe it is not convenient to lose 30 minutes in a blog

seem right that they focus on Fusion 3

But if not you can comply with an entry every Monday as promised, that you have to communicate officially in the same blog
And do not expect the user to guess, There is the communication failure,

If you communicate correctly people understand you, If absurd excuses are given (1 day to write a blog) people do not understand

But well that other subject, perhaps we will approach later

How to communicate correctly...

This is all, have a very good week
Greetings Clickers
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  1. Aloan's Avatar
    Nice that you are keeping this up Zonacas! I read every thing and every post!
  2. Zonacas's Avatar
    Thanks Aloan

    I'm going to write the blog until a Beta of Fusion 3 is released, December 2017?