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Talking About Fusion 3 (Expression Editor)

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Hi Clickers

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One more week, a new blog entry, and a week less for Fusion 3

While Fusion 3 arrives we are going to entertain ourselves this week commenting a little about the Expression Editor
The utility of the Expression Editor is to allow us to include expressions in the actions or conditions

In this sense one of the things that are most appreciated is that you can quickly find the data of the object that is needed
It seems that in Fusion 3 the Expression Editor will be much smarter than Fusion 2.5, thanks to the new syntax that will incorporate the Expression Editor of Fusion 3

This new syntax will allow you to complete the expressions while you are typing
Making it much more pleasant to find and access the information that is needed

To recover the X position of an Active in Fusion 2.5, we are doing this

X( "Active" )

in Fusion 3 will do something like this:


In Fusion 3 if you want to retrieve data from an object, first write the name of the object and then what you want to get.

As you can see in the gif is much more comfortable in Fusion 3 access to the different properties
You can even chain several expressions

I imagine that you can also access the properties by clicking on the icon of the object as in Fusion 2.5
Getting used to this new syntax, I do not think it is a problem, since it is much more intuitive and apparently you get a better workflow

We will have to wait to check it
This is it, we will be back next week

Greetings Clickers

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