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Talking About Fusion 3 (Exporters)

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Hi Clickers
Welcome to

This week we will talk a little about the Exporters

At first ... at the origin of time ... In the time of Klik and Play
Which I remember only could be exported to EXE

There were other times, there was no Android, no iOS, no HTML5
Windows was all there was, Internet was not what it is today

Time was passing,Internet was evolving, and successive versions of the program were appearing, as well as new export options

A browser plugin appeared, Vitalize!, to publish on the Internet our creations

Also added was the Java exporter
and came the exporter for Flash

In the last years a lot of export options have been added
XNA, Android, iOS, HTML5 , UWP

A user created Anaconda and then Chowdren that facilitate the work to export to Consolas, since it generates C ++ code
From which it can then be better converted to any other platform

But undoubtedly one of the exporters with more Future, one of the most important is and will be the HTML5 exporter
Since it is and will be everywhere and much more now that Flash has the days counted ...

Fusion 3 will continue to support HTML5, It is more than obvious

And I suppose if one day HTML6 appears too, So the future of exporting to the Internet is more than guaranteed

Fusion 3 is going to be Cross Platform, the exporters we have now will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD
And you can also generate C++ code like Chowdren

This makes Fusion 3 going to be able to do almost everything, from Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD
Fusion 3 is going to be very very very powerful

We just have to wait a little longer to start exporting
We are already looking forward to it !!!

Greetings Clickers

Updated 7th August 2017 at 08:51 AM by Zonacas

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  1. Jediwolf's Avatar
    Exciting! Love 2.5, cannot wait for Fusion 3!