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Talking About Fusion 3 (Extensions)

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Hi Clickers
Welcome once again to

Let's talk about extensions

One of the most interesting things in Fusion 2.5 is that you can find an extension almost for anything
There is a large list of extensions available

These extensions are created from C ++ or from the language of the platform for which the extension is to be developed
In this direction you have available the links of the SDK, to start creating extensions

But there is a problem
If you are not logged on the web, you will not be able to access the forum, where are the links to download ...

Is this clever? In my opinion is not anything smart, the SDK should be available to everyone, whether or not they have Fusion
And not hidden in the bottom of a forum where only registered users have access

There are many programmers who would be willing to do extensions, and try them on a Version Free no?

Why make it difficult? Is not it better to give facilities?

SDKs should be very accessible, and provide facilities so that any web that provides a service can create its own extension

It is this kind of absurd inconveniences that make Clickteam not as well known on the internet as other tools, where they make everything much easier and more accessible

Marketing Lords Marketing, one day we'll talk about this

And we will talk because it is one of the things where, in my opinion, Clickteam makes mistakes, having a good tool, but it does not have the repercussion on the Internet that other tools have

Someone has wondered why? Does anyone notice or see what strategy is following the competitors to achieve that great presence on the internet? These are things to learn

It is necessary not to keep making the same mistakes with Fusion 3 (Marketing), leave pride aside and look at the good and what works in other tools and websites

Well, let's continue with the subject at hand...

In Fusion 3, we will also have the possibility to create Extensions and it seems that it will be simpler,
and will have the advantage that it will be easier to carry them between several platforms thanks to the nature and the nucleus of Fusion 3

But you can also create extensions with events from Fusion 3 !!!
A user without C ++ knowledge can create their own extensions with events


This will give Fusion 3 Great Power

I am sure that thanks to this they will generate a lot of extensions in Fusion 3 quickly

And this is all friends, see you next week as always faithful to our Monday appointment

Greetings Clickers
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  1. tayete's Avatar
    Mmmm... This is a huge obstacle IMHO. Ir do not want to depend on connection for anything.
  2. Zonacas's Avatar
    It is not a connection issue

    Is to give programmers the ability to create extensions without having a registered copy

    With the free version you should be able to try it