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Talking About Fusion 3 (3D)

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Hello Clickers
It's Monday !!! And as every Monday we are once again in

Always on time to our appointment

This time we will talk a little about 3D

Fusion (Klik and Play - 1994) was born as a tool primarily in 2D

This does not mean that you can not simulate or create 3D with something of Mathematics
Even build your own raycaster engine with Actives

User elPatrixF did something like this

Or as the user Schrodinger - (Lizard King) who has created P3D a 3D engine now in its version 2.0

Clickteam Fusion is not a 3D Tool as such
But it has several extensions that allow to do some things in 3D or to simulate 3D

OpenGL 3D, 3D Mesh, Sandy 3D, Mode 7 Ex, Raycasting Object...

The problem is that most of these extensions only worked for Windows
For Android, iOS, HTML5 etc. you have to use engines with maths that do not use extensions, as in the examples above

We can say that Fusion is a 2D Tool with many 3D possibilities

In the past Clickteam ventured with a purely 3D tool, Jamagic, The oldest, surely remember this tool

Was not as easy to use as Fusion, Since it had to use a language type java / javascript, if I remember correctly

The product at the end was removed ... it looks like the engine was not very good and it was full of bugs ...

The latest in 3D for Fusion is Firefly seems quite complete but only for Windows...

As far as Fusion 3 looks, it will continue to focus mainly on 2D, all right !!!
And will probably have many more and better options than Fusion 2.5 for 3D, perfect !!!


I sincerely believe that you can not compete for 3D with other free and very good tools for this work with better options for exporting

I think people who want to make 3D Games in a professional way, really, seriously, go to other tools ...

This is why Fusion 3 should focus mainly on 2D with more and ingenious options that facilitate even more the rapid development of 2D games, As well as the ease of exporting to any known platform

Please!!! Files known for HTML5 !!! No more .cch and .cc1!!! So I can put it on any web !!! And have no problems with these files!!! This kind of important things are the ones we need !!!

It's very interesting that Fusion 3 can also do 3D things and it sure will do, But if Fusion 3 does 3D things it is also for HTML5, Android, iOS etc


The main focus should be on the 2D, The 3D in Fusion 3 I think it will never be as good as the specialized tools

So I think it is not good to waste a lot of time in 3D that could be dedicated to improving many other aspects of the tool

There are many things to improve on the 2D Engine

and also, it is more fun to make and play good 2D games, even the simplest 2D games, than 3D games that look like old, 90's

It gives much more play the 2D !!!

3D is overrated!!!

Sometimes, less is more

For the Indie Developers, which is aimed primarily at this tool, 2D is the best option to develop
Even the tools that were born as 3D, began to give 2D better support to capture the majority of Indie Developers who make 2D games

Why will it be?

Maybe because there are a lot more people with interest in doing something good in 2D, that dedicates much effort to do something simple in 3D

summarizing, 3D yes, but without neglecting the true raison d'être of the tool that is 2D

Until next week Clickers

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  1. Fuuriokun's Avatar
    I just think an Z-Depth could help to make incredible 2D games, like Rayman Legends
  2. Zonacas's Avatar
    Yes, a 3D effect like that would be fine