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Talking About Fusion 3 (Strings)

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Hello Clickers
Here we are, once again in

This time we'll talk a little about Strings
It has been said that Fusion 3 will have a better system to handle and see the strings well

It seems that they will look good at any distance or size

And you can change attributes like colors, different fonts and sizes within the same string

Here you can see the example with colors

You will also have more precision to adjust the text in any position, Not just top down center left right,
Apparently it could be placed in any position inside the container of the text

All these improvements are very good !!! Offers great possibilities !!!

But I want to make a Wish

One of the things I would like to see is that the string come with some Integrated Effects
That is, the strings come with options of series in their properties to activate certain simple effects on them, to give them better appearance with just one click

Something like text effects in css

Maybe some Shadows, 3D Effects etc but that comes already predefined ready to use,
This would be perfect to give a better appearance, a less flat aspect to the text with just a click

I know it could be done maybe by applying a shader, but I've tried doing it in Fusion 2.5 and not always getting good results

Ideally as I explained, some options in the properties of the text ready to use with just a click, without having to go looking for the correct shader that works

This would make it very easy to create nice strings for all users without great knowledge in shaders
Then all the games created in Fusion 3 would have nice texts, because any user would be able to do them

The image of Fusion 3 as a tool would be strengthened since all games would look good, at least in their texts

And would also be very good at creating Bitmap Fonts with effects

Well, as always we will have to wait a little longer to see how strings work in Fusion 3 and see if our wishes are fulfilled

Have a great week, Clickers