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Talking About Fusion 3 (Debugger)

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Hi Clickers
One more Monday in

This week it's time to talk about the Debugger

When comparing the Debugger of Fusion 2.5 with that of its Immediate Competitor
well ... how to say it?

You can clearly see another aspect of Fusion 2.5 that should have been updated, and was not made
why has not it been updated? we will never know

But it is more than obvious that the Debugger of Fusion 2.5 is uncomfortable and obsolete.
What we do habitually, we clickers, is to create our own Debuggers by putting counters or variables here or there for a better visualization of this data

but ... why do we have to do all that work? when this would not really be necessary with a good debugger

One thing that draws my attention powerfully is that in KNP there is an info button, outside the execution time,
which shows how memory is used in the different resource groups of the game

Why is not it in Fusion 2.5? should be updated and showing the amount of memory of each element of the game ...

Do not you find it interesting to know how much memory each resource of our game or application spends?
to know exactly where we can optimize

In Data Elements we can see how much the sounds occupy, but not the resources of the images, maybe it would have been interesting to have included something there ...
but obviously it will not be done ...

The Fusion Debugger 2.5 is activated when you press the run application button (F8), but in the subject of memory it only shows the total memory without specifying
This really is not very useful, does not show us what interests us, which are the resources that consume more memory to be able to optimize

The Debugger shows us Variables, Position of Objects, Type of movement and its properties, Animation etc
but there are a lot of other interesting parameters that are not shown ...

Yes, I know what you are thinking ... it is really necessary that the Debugger of Fusion 3 is updated with a better system, that provides a better and comfortable vision of the data
and Yes, I agree with you

It has been said that all aspects of Fusion are going to be reviewed and improved in Fusion 3, so we have high hopes placed on Fusion 3

But improving aspects of Fusion will not help if you do not perform maintenance with frequent updates of these features ...
It is necessary that at least one update every month, Fusion users know that sometimes they spend several and long months without updates ...

The pace of updates should increase, if one compares this rhythm of updates with other tools, you can see clearly that here should be improved ...
Perhaps from a Marketing point of view, it is best to have small updates every month, than a great update every 3 or 5 months

Are things to think about ...

And this is it for this week, next week more and better

Greetings Clickers

Updated 4th September 2017 at 06:58 AM by Zonacas

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  1. Danny's Avatar
    Here I discuss how to build your own debugger for your game or app in Fusion 2.5 -

    Also, if you want to get even more technical, you could just by dropping in some additional extensions for more information such as task processor usage, memory usage etc. Unlimited possibilities really.