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Talking About Fusion 3 (Collisions)

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Hi Clickers

once again

This time we will comment on Collisions

This is an important issue, checking the collisions of each object is one of the tasks that takes more time to process

In Fusion 2.5 collisions we have the "mesh" of perfect collision, when we have the Fine Detection box checked, by default when we create an active is activated
This does not take into consideration the transparent pixels obtaining a mesh of collision with the silhouette of the image of our active.

If we deactivate it, we obtain a collision mesh in which if we take into consideration the transparent pixels for the collision
so we get a box as collision mesh of the size of the active

What if we want to have other collision meshes with different shapes for our active?
The trick we use the clickers is to use another invisible active as a "mesh" collision giving it the shape we want

In another tool you can create your own mesh for your sprite, I think this is very comfortable and should be in Fusion 3

We know that Fusion 3 has put special attention in the system of Collisions to optimize it to the maximum for the best performance

A more efficient and apparently predictive system to be able to discard in the first phase pairs of objects that can not collide in any way,
since they are very separated and their speed is slow which makes it impossible for them to collide,
it is predicted that they would collide some cycles of checks afterwards so they can be discarded

All these technical aspects are more detailed in the great entry to the blog of Fusion 3 , about collisions
here the link in case you have not read it

but I had some doubts ...
can we create custom collisions meshes? integrated in the same active ...

This is one of the things that possibly most interest the user, apart from performance, obvious
because it is for practical purposes what the user is going to want to modify, to obtain one or another result in the way objects collide

Another question about collisions is related to the debugger, which we talked about in the previous post
Can we see in the debugger the process time consumed in checking for collisions?

This would be really useful to see or determine in a clearer way if the slowdown of the game comes from the subject of collisions or is another factor that influences

I would love to see these two characteristics, but to check if they will be included we should wait for Fusion 3 to be released ...

In the meantime we will continue to comment here
See you in the next post

Greetings Clickers

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