AdMob in 2017 is not working with android

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  • Hello Clickers, I used to make games with CF2.5 a couple years ago in 2015, I used to use ads through Admob, and they worked just fine, I took a break, but now I have returned, and use the same exact methods I used before, but for some reason the ads are not working? I set Admob to "Start of Frame, :Show Ad Banner, : Set Admob position to 0, :Set Admob size to 0". I also entered in my unique Admob id i got from the Admob website for my game. Is there something I'm missing? what changed in 2 tears that now Admob is not working? Any help would be appreciated, thank you. by the way I am using android exporter, I do not use iOS at the moment.

  • Update: So I figured out what was wrong, my admob code somehow glitched and added extra characters, which is weird because i copied and pasted it from the code that admob gave me, but i removed the extra characters, and it works fine now. :)

  • Guys please help, the Admob extension is driving me around the bend. I'm getting no adverts displayed. Below is a screen shot of everything i've done.

    Please login to see this link.

    EDIT: Google these days must take about 15 minutes to fully set up your AD, because it's being displayed now for some reason without edits????

    Anymore information on this would be helpful!

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  • There really are no solid tutorials, but I will layout the steps for you as clear as possible.

    1. Strat of Frame, :Show Ad Banner, :Set Admob position to 0, :Set Admob size to 0

    2. Upload your game to google play store.

    3. Go to AdMobs website, select the big orange button that says "Monetize new app"

    4. Search for your game, "It can take a up to 48 hours for your game to show up in admobs search bar"

    5. Select your game.

    6. Choose banner ad.

    7. Copy and paste the "Ad unit id" into "Banner id" under the properties tab of the admob object in your game.

    8. Make sure you change your games version number under the android options tab.

    9. Export, and upload to google play store. Wait for the update to finish, and they should work :)

  • Set Admob size to 0 ? that will show no banner
    you can leave those out..
    Just do Show banner

    And you don't need to wait 48 hours for the Signature.
    Just create the items you want and copy the codes to Admob.. within 15 minutes the ads will show.

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