BLank new application build success, but crash at start of application

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  • Hi, please help me somebody!

    I try to build and run empty blank new project with android exporter.

    I use CLickteam fusion 2.5, developer version, buyed at STEAM.

    I've already install JDK - jdk1.8.0_121 - now installed 64 bit version, but 32 bit I tried too.
    I've already install SDK without IDE (lost link at that moment, try to find if need)
    Then I've already download Android-Installation-Checker from this site, and this tool say "All is ok".
    I've already run SDK manager and download SDK's for a lot of lastest API's.
    In android exporter settings I put one of this API.
    And click build.
    App build success.

    Then I install APK at virtual device (genymotion) and one real device, but in both cases application crash at start.
    In settings I use OpenGL 1.1, and tried already to turn on/off GPU setting.

    Please help, what I do wrong and how to determinate pricecly cause of crash?

    EDIT: In preferences I've already put both pathnames.

  • I'm having the same problem. I am using the steam version developer and android exporter. I have tried on multiple phones and computers.

    I have also tried what Sergey posted above (I must admit my jdk was outdated), but it still crashes.

  • Guys, my application work VERY VERY slow after run on virtual device. 1 fps. :) Even after disable all of my code. Even after stop all animation... I use Sergey's advice - sign my app and make release version. Signed APk work 20-30 fps! And I can optimize my game now! I post this to help someone. :) Thanks for all!

  • I'm not shure, must I post this here or in new thread, but... I have still problems with android.
    Fundamental question - what version of OpenGL I need set in options of application?

    My results:
    OpenGL 1.1 - my application run ONLY on API 24 virtual device (genymotion), good speed ~ 50-60 fps. Only shaders not work and need to recoding, but all other things worked.

    Why application can run only on API 24?

    OpenGL 1.1 - other virtual devices on other API's crashed at startup (as I say at start of this thread) with genymotion exception for nvoglv32.DLL. So I think it's problem with OpenGL settings...

    OpenGL 1.1 - real device (4.2.2) - application runs, but fps is super slow (1-5 fps), and application randomly draw at screen very strange solid color triangles...
    I think it's problem with opengl.

    Then I try to choose OpenGL 2.0 and 3.0. In both cases application runs at API 16 of genymotion virtual device, but with 20-30 fps on frame with one picture and 20-30 string of code, and 1-2 fps on my game-level screen.
    Very weird.

    Why openGL 1.1 on API 24 so fast, and why 2.0 and 3.0 on API 16 so weird slow?

    Can somebody answer me? Help me please!

  • Fernando, thanks for answer! I post issue on bug tracker. And register my steam id to forum. But I'm not shure, need I register somewhere license key for product? And I can't find it in steam. At my name on forum don't display icons, just Clicker. :) What must I do? Or is that enough?

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