android export failed with 3 different problems...

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  • ( i already installed android studio, sdk, and java and other stuff that is necessary to build android app)

    problem 1: so, i see some other post that says i need to make the correct path at tools - perferences - general.. i set it to android, set the path exactly same with the post i see.. then i close it. when i open it again, it become SWF again, no matter how many times i set it.. it will be SWF when i open it again..
    even when i already restart clickteam fusion..

    problem 2: also when i read other post in the forum.. the correct path is
    (C:\Users\dstroud\tools\ant\build.xml )
    my error is :
    (C:\Users\WINDOWS8\AppData\Local\Temp\AndFCED.tmp\build.xml:84: Cannot find C:\Users\WINDOWS8\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\tools\ant\build.xml imported from C:\Users\WINDOWS8\AppData\Local\Temp\AndFCED.tmp\build.x)
    there are 2 "tools" there.. and i have no idea how to fix it...

    problem 3: i really dont know if the file is hidden or something, but when i try to search the file "ant\build.xml" i just cant find it anywhere.. i search it on google, and it says that i need to download another program again, i downloaded... same result, so i deleted it.. and when i select the path.. it wont show the "ant\build.xml"

    i think i found a way to fix this, i need to download the android sdk only or android studio ? or both ?

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