Changing rooms for an RPG game (help needed)

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  • Okay I need a little help here. I need to change a frame, which is the easy bit I can do that.

    WhatI can;t figure out is this.

    I enter a building or a room on the map. In order to enter the building I change the frame. That much is easy. But I leave the building instead of appearing outside of the building on the previous frame, my character appears on the other end of the map. Is there a way to make the character appear outside the building where he would logically appear, out side the building's door?

  • record you position to a global value before you go in - set it after you come out

    Hey i was just looking in on this thread, i tried to use it in my game but my game is a 2d side scroller, everytime when it loads the X and Y cord my character starts high up in the air and then falls back down again.

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