Draw or Paint Surface object extension for Android?

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  • Hello all, I am looking for a
    Draw or Paint Surface object extension for use in an Android app, much like the one(s) available for windows builds.

    After some searching, it would seem that this extension does not exist.

    How would one go about requesting this item? if i had any idea how to go about it i would attempt to author it myself. (just looked again... haha no way... :) but the documentation does mention that one would need to create the windows version first, and since a surface object exists in cfFusion for windows, perhaps the work is half done.... ?

    Heck, i would even pay if some one wanted to take it on, there seem to be several threads about it. this one is from 2015: Please login to see this link.


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  • What do you mean paint object?

    You can make Android apps now with the ability to paint on the screen using your finger or even a stylus. Sure, it's not a ready made object, but you can do some pretty cool stuff with fusion now.

    I.E. Import a picture. Draw on it. Then screenshot it with your art on the picture.

    I use Active Picture to import and image
    I use Multitouch for gestures and such.
    I use actives for various drawling tools.

    If you just need help making a MFA that allows you to draw on imported images. I can help you!

  • Unfortunately there is no Surface Object (or Overlay Redux Object) equivalent that is compatible with the Android runtime. I believe there is an iOS version of the Surface object.

    And yes, whilst it is technically possible to "draw" onto the frame canvas in Android apps, this technique requires the use of Active Objects being pasted into the background many times, which at higher resolutions means potentially plotting many thousands of Actives onto the screen. This is not a very performant solution on the Android runtime.

    If all you want to do is make a very simple drawing app, or you're prepared to work with a very, very low resolution, then perhaps the active object method will suffice, but for anything remotely approaching rendering lots of pixels at fast speeds then you're probably out of luck.

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