Looking for Dev - Metamask Crypto Blockchain Extension

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  • Good morning all. I am surprised there is not much more discussion about Crypto or Blockchain around these parts!

    I am looking for a custom extension that would allow my app to confirm the user owns a specific NFT.
    Currently this is all done through a web browser extension called Metamask (Please login to see this link.)

    Please let me know if you think this is possible, and what would be your cost.

    Thank you.

  • Not to hijack your thread or anything.. but since cRypTo is 99.99% scam -- I'd rather an extension to interface with the lightning network. Perhaps an extension to connect with Zebedee.

    Please login to see this link.

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  • Not to hijack your thread or anything.. but since cRypTo is 99.99% scam

    Crypto is used for a lot of scams, but it's not a scam of itself. Its monetary value is entirely from people's interest, rather than actual physical materials, so it's pretty risky.
    Like investing in a music band, except whether the band actors turn out to do incredibly bad PR stuff, or lose their touch, is entirely out of your hands.

    NFTs though, those are Please login to see this link., and so the majority are pushed by people in the same way a pyramid scheme is pushed; no real material, but there's an idea of one, and if you buy in you can maybe get more back when you sell on... if you can find a buyer.

    Blockchain is considered Please login to see this link., and very inefficient energy-wise. The use cases are niche at best.

    Anyway, that doesn't matter. Customer is always right in matters of taste. They wanna taste a NFT extension, y'all don't question their life choices.
    Although, this looks like a Fusion extension would be HTML5 runtime only, interacting with the browser extension, and probably invoke Please login to see this link.. It should probably be possible to interact with by just using the HTML5 Object.

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  • It's a shame to hear about it not working, I had planned that you can buy a character for my game on opensea for 0 euros and just select it in game and use it. The player connect to metamask and can select and use his characters he has as nft. thereby I would have used the NameString to intify the NFT. So one would always have access to his character and ONLY his character.In NFT2.0 I would have stored the items etc that he character owns.

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    Please login to see this link.

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