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  • I am new to Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Whats the best format to embed video into an app that will be exported to iOS and Android Possibly?
    It would be super cool if I could go to specific timecodes in the video using buttons or other triggers.
    I did find the iOS/MacOS video object, but am not sure what format would be best.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • So there is nobody using this product anymore? I just wasted my money buying it and the iOS exporter.... all because of the nostalgia of using what was once Klik and Play..... where I made games that impressed by girlfriend then... who has been my wife of 25 years now.

    Well I will see what limitations I run into.... and attempt to get this working anyway.

    Seriously.... a couple keywords in the right direction could REALLY help..... am I the ONLY person who ever wanted to play a video file in an iOS app developed with Clickteam Fusion?


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