RPG help, Im completely stumped with saving the position of your player bef/ battle

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  • Guten tag, as you read by the title i'm completely stumped on trying to save the players position Before a battle and loading it upon if they win or loose happens in your game, i nearly got the battle frame Down and don't really need help on that, its just that like I have no idea on how to do it.

    ive tried to look at tutorials online, just that a whole lot of them are not what i'm looking for. there are Tutorials For INI but there's so many ways on to do it. INI. File. Arrays maybe?

    If you do wish to Give some tips, that would be kind but i'm sorta slow.

    thanks :>

  • There are different ways to do this, but an array would work fine! I'm guessing you probably don't know about the 'Global to this application' option that exists for all kinds of objects within CTF.

    Please login to see this attachment.

    If you click on an array (or a counter, or active object, etc.) you'll see the 'Global to this application' option at the bottom of the Settings tab. By clicking this box, that object will retain changes made to it across Frames (both in the editor, and in game). You can save the X and Y coordinates of the player in the array, go to the battle Frame, and then return to the previous Frame when the battle is over. When the Frame starts, just set the X and Y coordinates of the player to the values saved in the Array. Of course, it will get a little more complicated since you may not always want to load that position, but hopefully you get the idea. Making objects Global helps with a lot of other things as well, so definitely consider using that for objects that you want to be able to edit and change on multiple Frames at once.

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