Simple Random encounter/ RPG turn base battlescreen

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  • Guten tag everyone.

    in this tutorial, i shall try to show everyone who is interested in making an encounter turn base battle screen.

    First of course, you need to make a character for your rpg, meet Calvin our Avatar for the tutorial.
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    First and for most, your going to need a hitbox (aka a red rectangle/square) this will be known as "the redzone"
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    you are also going to need a counter object, set the maximum value around 5 - 10 (lower for more encounters, higher for less encounters) and of course the redzone and counter will be hidden on start.

    This is Where the magic begins, In the event editor, put the following:
    Redzone Overlaps Calvin (the player) > Set the counter to random (your number). Then pick a few random numbers (this is your choice) for the encounters. Just to note, there are 1-to-10 number generators if you can't find the perfect numbers to use.
    In this case, we will use the numbers 5, 3, and 2. now Create a new layer and set the X and Y coefficients to 0; this is where you can create your battle screen. There are plenty of ways to do this, so I'll let you decide how to do it. Just a final word is that you can add other counters to decide how to do it, whenever it be final fantasy or earthbound or heck even undertale.
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    Another note is that when the counter generates your number, make sure to put "ignore Control" under the player 1 (or any other player) section.

    Hope this helped anybody at least, im not really good at teaching stuff.

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