Mouse hover over color?

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  • Hi I'm relatively new to the forum and I'm making a find the difference mini-game for my game.

    I wanted to ask if there was a way to detect a color when the mouse is over it with a invisible active? I have tried the screen pixel object but it doesn't seem to detect the color on a invisible active.

    I know there's hovering over a zone but I just want more precision on where the difference is clickable.

    Thanks in advance! ;D

  • I believe you could just use the "GetRGBAt" expression and parse the Xmouse & Ymouse as the parameters, but I can't recall right now which sub-menu to find it under. I think it's in the active object expressions.

    I tried this and it doesn't really seem to work other than just it works inconsistently whenever I get off the screen or the active.

    I used the compare expression to value by the way like this:

    GetRGB(255, 0 ,0) = RGBAt("Active", XMouse, YMouse)

    Also did it the other way around which didn't work either and tried the compare two general values too.

    Edit: I noticed that the hotspot point desyncs from the active whenever the active's position and hotspot point arent the same thus having inaccurate results.

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