when logging X Y cords, Character starts off up in the air before falling down

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  • Guten tag again and its been a while! I've started game dev again and I have a problem.

    So ive been making this Side scrolling adventure game, I followed this one Post on how to Change rooms for your game (EX. you go into one room and you come out in the same position) and one tip was to have a global value log your X Y Cord.
    However when i start the frame, my character starts up in the air then falls back down to the spawn point.

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  • It's probably because the character is created up in the air and then moved to the correct position.

    You can solve this in two ways:

    1. Change the setting to make the character invisible on start, and then make it visible in your start of frame event after you've moved it to the right position.

    2. Don't automatically create the character (i.e. place it in your frame), create it at the correct coordinates at the start of frame.

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  • When you say 'at the start of the frame' do you mean the first time you launch the game, or every time you switch frames?

    If it's just at the start then it's likely that your "Ex" and "Why" values are both set to 0 - so the event that's meant to reposition the player does it at the beginning while the variables haven't changed. You could

    - set the values in the editor to the original X/Y coordinates of the player
    - OR add a condition so that the reposition doesn't happening if "Ex" and "Why" are both equal to 0

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