Saving an array that was loaded in from binary data

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  • Hey all!

    I have a possibly noob question, so apologies in advance!

    I am making a mining game with a grid-based map. Think Minecraft or Terraria but top-down. For this I use an array, which loads in a .arr file that is included in the binary data. This file's path is "D:\Projects\Mini Miner\Maps".
    On an Android device I can load the file just fine, resulting in a map full of objects. However when I try to "Save array to file" using the same path it freezes the game, perhaps logically so.

    Any tips on how I can ship the game with an array/map, with a way to save changes back to it?

    Thank a ton in advance!

    - Wouter

  • You cannot save to a binary
    Binary is included with your package, it cannot be saved as again as a binary file, only loaded

    If you want to save it, then you have to save it in a different location, then load from that location (also, the path you enter is a windows specific path)
    You can have it load from binary for first time, then after first save, it will load from the new location

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