Ad mob is not resizing the screen

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  • Hi everyone. Theres someway to make admob resize the all screen? I remember it have some option to do this, I think is the "Display overframe" option in admob setting, but uncheking this option is doing no difference in the app, the admob banner is not changing the app size. I'm forgetting something?

  • Hi, I am a bit confused - you want a banner that covers the complete screen (not a video ad, just a banner)?

    Here are the standard fixed sizes for Admob's banners: Please login to see this link.

    In Events you can select the size of the banner and there are 6 options available (Standard / Medium / Full / Leaderboard / Smart / Adaptive)

    Please login to see this attachment.

    • Official Post

    There are no banner full screen size.

    Size in dp (WxH)DescriptionAvailabilityAdSize constant
    320x50BannerPhones and tabletsPlease login to see this link.
    320x100Large bannerPhones and tabletsPlease login to see this link.
    300x250IAB medium rectanglePhones and tabletsPlease login to see this link.
    468x60IAB full-size bannerTabletsPlease login to see this link.
    728x90IAB leaderboardTabletsPlease login to see this link.


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