Setting ID Values with Loop Index

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  • As you can see in the pictures, I have slot machines (about 10 of them throughout the frame) that will produce random results. At Start of Frame, I generate three Tokens per machine with a loop that positions the Tokens in the three white sqaures of each machine. This part works fine.

    However, for some reason only the first machine's Tokens are taking the ID (which is just an alterable value). The rest of the Tokens on the remaining machines remain at 0. I'm sure this is just part of my lack of sophistication in the Fastloop arena, can anyone advise? Thank you.

  • That code will work. Your error is either in number of times you run the loop, or how you select the icon later.

    It might be you have the slot machine, or the icons, set to inactivate when far from frame.

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