Are DLC's possible?

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  • Haven't used this app in a long while, so I'm curious if DLC's are possible or what we should do to prepare our game for selling DLC's on Steam. Is there a guide/tutorial? (I did quick forum search, didn't find anything)


  • So, from what others have told me, if you want to have a DLC with Fusion, your best bet is to have everything built into the game, and then have the DLC be a download file with an encrypted text that the game then looks for to activate the DLC on the game. You could go a step further and export stuff like animations from game objects as ANM files, so that if someone tries to hack the game they won't see anything unless they also have the external ANM files. Another thing you could do is have different builds of the game that have the DLC, or no DLC. Steam allows you to have different skews like that.... but that could get a bit complicated if you have a lot of it.

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