Will multiple hotspots / action points be added at some point?

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  • Is there any chance that support for more hotspots / action points would be added at some point? It would make many things vastly easier and more convenient when it comes to dealing with characters/objects etc that have hands and feet and other points on them that you want to account for. Doing workarounds is often a big pain and prone to bugs sometimes.

    Is there any extension that adds more hotspots / action points?

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  • This has been a thing in Clickteam products for as long as I can remember, and I started using it back in the OG Games Factory days. I think it would be cool but I doubt it will become a feature.

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  • Same and I also used Games Factory when it came out. But why would it not become a feature? It feels like a real straightforward thing that would be a big improvement.

    Just with a gun for example in the game, you want one spot on the handle to connect to the hand on the character, one spot for where the bullet flies out and one spot for where the casing flies out. To be limited to just 2 spots is a big limitation without having to use workarounds.

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  • I totally agree that it would be a big improvement, but I have no idea how hard it would be to implement. I suspect the fact that it hasn't changed in so long means it might be harder than you think. I mean, people must have asked about it before right? I know it's definitely something I've thought about.

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  • I can see how multiple action points would be handy.

    Here's a post about multiple actions points from Yves about this from 2007:

    It was on the list of things to do for MMF2, like thousands of other things, but we couldn't implement this feature before the release and we can't do it in a patch. If it's done, that will be in MMF3, but we have so many other important things to do, I can't even promise it will be done in MMF3.

    From that post, it sounds like it wouldn't be an easy thing to do. I would expect that complicating factors include (1) the need to change the UI to support the feature, (2) the need to change how the file format handles hot spots and action points while maintaining backwards compatibility, and (3) the need to update the engine across multiple platforms.


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  • the work around is using on the object (or put another invisible object that follows/overlays to track hotspots) - is to force a frame with a new hotspot; update positioned object to that hotspot / force to next frame/ position other object to the re-positoned hotspot etc.

  • You could vote for it Please login to see this link.. It'll be a sizeable undertaking though.

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