Any way to run different events for phones and tablets?

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  • I need to alter some object's positions depending on whether it's running on a tablet or phone.

    I've successfully done this for the iOS version of my app by getting the device model and doing one thing for phones and a different thing for tablets. But with so many different Android devices on the market that doesn'tt seem practical here. Is there a tried and tested way of doing this or do I need to try to get something working by looking at the screen height to width ratio (presumably while taking its orientation into account)?


  • The 'special' object (gear icon) has a condition that lets you detect the runtime

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    edit: oh, I just reread your post and realised I misinterpreted your question as detecting if the device is iOS or android, sorry!

  • Use window control extension. It can get device screen width and height.

    Calculate screen ratio "(screen width*1.0)/screen height"

    And that's it. You now can divide devices by screen ratio. I'd say 1.78 is divider (16:9 most probably tablet or very old phone). The lower number means it's tablet, the higher is phone. The most easiest way.

  • Thanks for your help guys.

    marbenx: Yeah it was a little confusing. I saw the edit before I tried anything, so no harm done.

    Ikko: I'll give that a go. But I think I can get the window height and width using the built-in default features, so I'm not sure if the Window Control object is needed. I'll try it and update this post.

  • The Android Plus object has a built-in command:

    * AndroidPlus: Is Device a tablet? [I used to use it, and it worked 100% in recognising a tablet.]

    It also lets you adjust the view based on that.

    You might need Fusion Developer to get the Android Plus object.

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