Problem extracting value from a string

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  • Right im having trouble using val to extract a value from a string.

    Val(GetSelection$( "Parser_MAIN" ))

    The selection in Parser_Main is currently "Aftermath_00244"
    But returns a 0 value? i just want it to get 244.
    The strings pretxt and subnumber are both variable sizes so i cant use left$/right$ extraction.

    Im stumped as i know i have used this functions alot of times before.
    Dont it allow to feed text, and then it just skips text and just grabs the numbers?

  • If string pretext and number are variable in sizes, but you have the underscore always between, why don't you use extension (String Tokenizer, for example) to split that string to text & number, using the underscore (_) as splitter

  • Use String Tokenizer object and retrive element 1 as suggested above, or use the String Parser, set one of your delimiters to the underscore and extract element 2 (string parser is 1-based)

    EDIT: didn't see you said the underscore was unique to that string. Is there always a separating character between the text and numbers? If there is, the string parser does allow to use more than 1 delimiter

  • I woke up. Here is your solution

    * Start of Frame
    Special : Start loop "loop" Len(string$( "String" )) times

    * On loop "loop"

    + Val(Mid$(string$( "String" ), loop_n( "String" ), 1)) > 0
    + Val(Mid$(string$( "String" ), loop_n( "String" ), 1)) <= 9
    + Mid$(string$( "String" ), loop_n( "String" ), 1) = "0"
    String : Set temp_num to temp_num( "String" ) + Mid$(string$( "String" ), loop_n( "String" ), 1)

    + Always
    String : Add 1 to loop_n

    + LoopIndex("loop") = Len(string$( "String" )) - 1
    String 2 : Set alterable string to Str$(Val(temp_num( "String" )) / 1)

  • Some context. So, i parse each symbol from left to right using "loop". If current symbol is 1-9 (value) or "0" (string) I add it into alterable string value "temp_num". So, now I got only numbers in "temp_num". Like 00244. To get 244 just divide 00244 by 1

    "0" should be checked as string not as value, because any letter as value is equal to 0.

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