Updating Animation Frame to Instance Value In Frame Editor?

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  • The introduction of Instance Values in Update 294 improved my workflow significantly. Instance values are useful for everything from enemy types to UI buttons. In my project (Please login to see this link.), I've cut the amount of objects in more than half, moved away from Group Qualifiers, and embraced object minimalism.

    Instance values have been particularly useful for Collectibles.

    Example: Let's say you have 40 different items you can pick up in a level. Instead of having 40 unique objects unified by a Group Qualifier, I instead use a singular object, and determine the item based on the instance value. The instance value is applied to the item's ID / animation frame. This makes the workspace a lot less cluttered and is a much more preferable approach in my opinion.

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    The only drawback is the necessity to click on a placed item, browse to the "Values"-tab, and inspect the instance value to determine what item will appear on that spot. This is quite tedious in a level with a lot of items.

    Something that would enhance this feature drastically, would be the option to update the object's appearance in the frame editor (IF Instance Value == 4 THEN Animation Frame ==4). This would be a super efficient feature to my -- and I would assume many other's workflow.

    Is it possible to add this is a feature in an upcoming update to Fusion 2.5+?



    Tobias Edvardsen

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