[Solved] Is it possible to create objects by name from other frames?

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  • Hi, im trying to make a Game Asset Pool in one frame for several Game objects. When I want to create a new object from this frame in another frame it is no problem. I can choose the object from other frames in the directonary.

    But of I want to create an object by name like "player0" it doesnt create anything If there is no copy of this object inside the actual frame. Ist there any specific comand for this besides just naming the game object? Like Frame1+"player0"?

    Many thanks!

  • You can't create objects that doesn't exist on current frame. So basically you have two options:

    1) copy paste

    2) use "Include another frame" option in frame properties. Choose one frame to be universal for all other frames. Put there all objects and now you can use them. In my case universal frame is "Pause menu".

  • placing your objects out of the way in your frame where you cant see them, and selecting for them all, [DONT CREATE on startup]. then none of those objects will have any impact on your frame whatsoever, until you start creating them. which is what you are already wanting to do if you were wanting a reference to them in another frame.

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