Movement ala Bomberman ( also known als Dyna Blaster )

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  • Dear all,
    is there any pre-defined movement I can use to move a sprite like in the mentioned game ? I'm trying with 8 direction movement, but I wonder if is there is an other way or an extension in order to achieve that, just to avoid to reinvent the wheel..

    Thanks for your attention,

  • Haven't played those in YEARS lol so my input may not be valid. Is it something that moves more freely or grid based? Meaning like, when you press a direction to move in, does he move until he clears the blocks or only moves while a button is held down?

    If it's grid based movement, you wouldn't have to use an array. You could do that using alterable values. Something like XCooldown, YCooldown. Say you have 16x16 backdrops for collision, you could set something like;
    + Down Arrow is pressed
    : YCooldown = 0 > Set Player "YCooldown" to 16

    + YCooldown >0 > Subtract 1 from value "YCooldown", and also add Y Position of Player to Y Position of Player -1

    without trying this out right at the moment, it should just set the counter to let you continue moving in that direction until you clear the block, then once you've cleared it, the counter will be back at zero and you wont be moving anymore until you press the Down arrow again.

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  • Thanks for the answers so far.

    Warmachine ,
    the movement, while being simple - only 4 directions - involves curved moves around the blocks. This happens for example when the sprite is near the edge of a block. Say for example, the sprite is near to the top right edge. In the original (Amiga) bomberman, if you now press the down arrow key, the sprite goes right and down, circumnavigating the block with a nice smooth curve, and then continues to go down.

    the 8 directions movement works for a basic movement, however in the case explained above, moving the sprite in the classical way gives me more control.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    Take care,

  • Hey Danjo !
    It's not sooo an easy grid movement, I tell you ! ;)

    Anyway, I have already done it.

    Furthermore, years ago I have coded a remake of DynaBlaster on WIndow-O.S. using Blitz3D. Now I'm doing it again using Fusion 2.5+. It works like a charm.

    Have a nice day,

    Sneak peek:
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