[beta5] VectorialShape object

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  • Hi guys,

    The 5th beta version of this object is not released yet but I'm too happy to waiting for the next week when I'll release it. :D

    This version is major release and will include the following features:

    Corrected bugs:
    - Sometimes, the collision mask was not updated correctly
    - The SVG importation doesn't works with some SVG format

    - A big optimization has been done for the render of the shape itself (it's also the case for the HWA mode)

    - SVG importation has been updated to let it imports more SVG properties

    New features:
    - The object is partially compatible with HWA mode (a lot of things need to be optimized and implemented but it's in the good way). However, you should know that the VectorialShape object will probably not be as fast as in the software mode (because HWA mode uses textures while software mode directly draw on the frame without textures and memory allocations).
    - The object has new powerful text features which support horizontal and vertical alignments, fonts, colors, alpha, 5 antialias methods, bounding box, margin,...
    - New transformation to constrain the shape into a square (it's pretty useful for making and use custom presets with the export/import "SVG point list" feature)
    - New preset: Bubble box

    Other news will be communicated when the 5th beta will be released. ;)

    The beta5 of this object is now released. Some cool new functions/features has been added. These ones could mayby help you a lot with our without the core functionalities of the object itself. :D

  • That is really great news!

    This object has been a long while in the making, but it is a significant stepping stone for MMF2!

    We really need something like this and I hope that a Vitalize! version will not be too long off for obvious reasons.

    Good going, Sphax. I can speak for Clickteam when I say that we really appreciate what you have done and are doing. Your efforts are very empowering and helpful to MMF users. Vectors are a major advancement as far as I am concerned.

  • Actually, Sphax, I don't think it is a matter of neglect on the part of testers.

    It seems that we have reached a cycle where a large number of people who volunteered to test have faded out. That's rather common and people are busy these days.

    I had suggested public testing for that reason, though I still like having this area and hope to add new participants.

    We have to keep an eye on the forum for new prospects, perhaps?

  • Exams are coming up theese days. Expect a boom in feedback when people get bored from doing nothing in their summer break ;)

    I mostly release my extension betas for public testing, mostly because I think I hit a broader user-base and get different suggestions, both from professionals and newbies.

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