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  • Why does this not compile?

    void TestFunction ()

    Why does that not work? It says "a namespace does not directly contain members such as fields or methods" when i try to compile.

    Syntax looks perfectly fine to me.

    I'm obviously writing this to try and get any idea of how i will use the code to work with stuff in-game. PauseRuntime() looked like the perfect method to use in an attempt to try the click variant of "hello world" (though it's more of an app-pauser than a text blitter heh)

    Edit: Ok i see i've misunderstood how this extension works. The Startup Object is the name of the instance hmmm...

  • Now it compiles but it does not actually pause the runtime when i call the function from the event editor. Instead the application sortof stops for 0.5 second only to resume again. Atleast there's a minor graphical hiccup :O

  • Quote

    What does this line do specifically? MMFInterface has something to do with the method PauseRuntime?

    See that box in the top-left corner of the dialog?
    It's a tree containing some functions.

    Runtime.PauseRuntime() is saved in a namespace called MMFInterface, to be able to access this, put
    using NamespaceName;
    into your code.
    you could do
    using MMFInterface.Runtime;
    as well, so you don't need to write
    but just

    I can't really help you with your problem.. did you call class1.TestFunction?

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  • PauseRuntime() doesn't do what you might assume it does. It only pauses the runtime timer and will resume it again if you run the resumeruntime() function (or whatever it's called). The sdk says it should be used around opening a dialog or something like that so the internal mmf timers don't get messed up.

  • Don't you have to have .'s in there?

    Or is that Java Im mixed up in....
    /me stops trying to learn multiple programming languages...

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