Want to Sell my copy of MMF2Dev. Can I? Or Refund?

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  • Hey guys. What to do with an unwanted hardly used copy of Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer?

    I bought it not long after it came out I think, so what's that, 3-4 years ago? But really, I never use it! I think I've had less than 5 occasions / spurts of WANTING and TRYING to do something with it, but always ended up with a nervous breakdown trying to make things work! I have totally concluded I am just not cut out to be a programmer, and shall stick to babies and housework. Dammit. Yay. Fun.

    Anyway, I've definitely not used it enough to have made it worth the over $500 AUD I paid for it... SO...

    Please staff, can I please sell it, either to someone here on the forums if they are interested in a cheaper-than-retail copy, or on eBay etc? Or do I have to do a return to you guys to get a refund?

    We (me and the kiddies) truly desperately need a new computer, so this would really help us afford one. Thanks in advance for your help with this :)


  • Quote from Game_Master

    I think that you can sell it provided you didn't buy it with the help of an upgrade discount.

    Usually an upgraded software should be sold with the previous version(s) used as base for upgrade.

    Edit: Also, if she paid 500 AUD for it I'd guess it's not an upgrade.

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