Irrlicht Extensions v0.007 Beta

Welcome to our brand new Clickteam Community Hub! We hope you will enjoy using the new features, which we will be further expanding in the coming months.

A few features including Passport are unavailable initially whilst we monitor stability of the new platform, we hope to bring these online very soon. Small issues will crop up following the import from our old system, including some message formatting, translation accuracy and other things.

Thank you for your patience whilst we've worked on this and we look forward to more exciting community developments soon!

  • Hello everybody.
    Finally got these extensions to a presentable state.
    Up to v0.007 now. Heaps of changes, improvements and bug fixes.
    Supports collisions and shaders now.
    Any old mfa files using old mfxs won't work with these.

    The password for this rar file is:

    Please login to see this link.

    Will upload some examples.
    If anybody wants to try to do some really special shader effects (and knows HLSL) and can't get it working as expected, I would be very happy to help. And it would be very nice for everyone to see some impressive effects.

    Known issues:
    Text object causes known crashes at runtime.
    Shaders just refuse to work on some computers, yet to work out why (nothing to do with hardware).

  • How to get some pretty cool-looking 3d water:

    Please login to see this link.
    Please login to see this picture.
    Not for the beginner, but knowledge of shaders isn't necessary unless you want these sort of effects. (I copied somebody else mostly here).

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