Integrated Path Planning Object (T0)

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  • I just had a quick look through out of interest, and I couldn't help noticing that a lot of the files are from some "HOG" project, which is GPL licensed:

    I might be wrong, but I thought the GPL license meant that if you use the code in a project, you have to release the project as free/open source too?

  • This is a very sticky issue for libraries that proprietary code interfaces with; some people argue that just using a GPL library makes the interfacing code GPL too; others say that if you dynamically link and can use a non-GPL library in its place then it's OK. If it was LGPL it would be fine...

  • My understanding of the license is that the open source part that was used should be made available upon request (or included right away in the package) and that it has to be credited to its author (which is done in the help file's credits section).

    The main reason HOG code is used in my extension is because mostly it's beneficial to HOG not the extension itself as its author is my research supervisor and wants my research work (which a lot of is going into this extension's future updates) be HOG-compatible.

    I can link to things dynamically of course if there is a good reason for it. But I think just sending the open source code to those that need it should be sufficient.

    -Mokhtar M. Khorshid

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